Welcome from the Head Teacher

Dear Parents / Carers,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you, on behalf of the children, staff and governors, to our Federation.

At Churchdown Parton Manor Schools’ Federation we aim to give each and every child the very best start in life to enable them to go on to be confident, successful and responsible adults; allowing them to become resilient and empathetic learners and ultimately to have a Positive Mind-set.

Our dedicated and committed staff team work very hard to provide a safe and secure environment in which every child can not only thrive but flourish – academically, emotionally, socially, physically and creatively.

We have high expectations in all 3 schools in terms of behaviour and concern for others. We encourage children to live by our shared British values, respecting and celebrating the diversity of our national community, common moral values, the rule of law and democracy together with a tolerance of others’ beliefs and cultures.

We are keen to forge strong links between home and school. We recognise that parents have a crucial role to play in the education of their child. The success of our school is dependent upon the strength of the partnerships we build with everyone in our school community. Each of these partnerships needs to be built on a basis of mutual trust and understanding enabling us all to meet our responsibilities.

Key to developing strong relationships is clear and open communication. We always aim to keep parents informed and involved with what is going on in school through newsletters, notes and through the school’s website. From time to time there will be occasions when parents and teachers need to share information and discuss matters. We are always pleased to meet with you to discuss the progress and welfare of your child.

Our school forms an important part of the local community and we work hard to maintain positive links. Our work in school is supported and monitored by an effective Governing Body, which, in collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team of the school, determines the strategic direction of the school.

We look forward to working with you to ensure that, in partnership, we give your child(ren) the very best possible start in life.

Yours sincerely,
Darren Preece
Executive Head Teacher