Reading is a vital tool for learning and for life. At Churchdown Parton Manor Schools’ Federation we believe pupils should encounter an environment in which they are surrounded by books and other reading material presented in an inviting and attractive way.

In order to develop a love of reading we have:

  • welcoming book areas in all classrooms

  • a school library hosting a variety of books

  • a wide range of books on display –

  • a print-rich environment in all classrooms (alphabet charts, working walls, word banks, dictionaries, etc.)

Reading Scheme

At Churchdown Parton Manor we use the ‘Book Band’ system. This means that all the reading books have been sorted into coloured levels in accordance with reading development. It allows children to choose a book at an appropriate level from the selection available. By colour banding our books we are able to put a variety of different scheme books in one level, providing children with greater choice of text and genre.

The main schemes we use for teaching reading in school are ‘Phonics Bug’, ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ and ‘Hero Academy’.


The children at the Infant School take part in high-quality phonics sessions every day. These are fun sessions involving lots of speaking, listening and games, where the emphasis is on children’s active participation. They learn to use their phonic knowledge for reading and writing activities and in their independent work.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage we teach phonics using the Jolly Phonics scheme. This programme teaches children to decode words phonetically by introducing them to different phonemes (sounds) step by step. Each phoneme has a story, song and an action to help the children to remember it.

In KS1 we continue with this scheme but also link in the phonic programme called Letters and Sounds. This allows the children to continue to practise daily and expand their ability to read and spell words as well as learn about different spelling patterns.

Children are assessed on a regular basis to check their progress and they are grouped according to their ability.

Phonic Screening Check

During the summer term all Year One pupils will take the phonic screening check. This is a national test and it is a statutory requirement for all schools to carry this out. It assesses the children’s phonic knowledge and identifies whether or not children have reached nationally expected standards. We inform parents on whether their child has passed the screening check in the last term of Year One. Any children that have not made expected progress in phonics will be given extra support to improve their phonic skills. They will then be able to retake the check in Year Two.