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Our PSHE Curriculum

 PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education is paramount to children’s well-being and ability to learn successfully across the whole curriculum. We recognise the importance of teaching children to lead healthy lifestyles and of preparing them to take their place in society. This is achieved through developing the child’s skills and knowledge so that they are able to make considered and informed choices for themselves. 

In PSHE we aim for all pupils to: 

  • be well rounded and developed individuals. 
  • be well-informed and able to make considered choices for their own physical, mental and emotional health. 
  • understand the values in gem powers and attribute them to themselves.  
  • have an understanding of the world around them and the society they live in, including having an appreciation of British Values. 
  • develop an appreciation of their own values and beliefs and promote a spiritual awareness. 
  • make considered choices which may affect their health and safety with the aim of developing healthy lifestyles.