Pre-School and Children’s Centre

We offer:

  • A team led by a qualified Early Years teacher with a post graduate degree in Education in Early Years.
  • A team of staff whom are well qualified to at least Level 3.
  • Opportunities for children to become creative, confident learners.
  • Stimulating activities which are planned in line with the EYFS curriculum.
  • A safe, stimulating, welcoming and inclusive environment.
  • A wealth of high quality resources that fully cover the areas of learning.
  • A focus on helping children acquire communication and language skills and support for their physical, social and emotional development.

Children in the early years settle quickly into school life. They make a good start because staff teach them well and most make good progress.’    Ofsted 2018

Working Together

  • We believe that parents are their child’s first educators and value the knowledge that they have.
  • Parents/Carers ideas for planning are valued and their help in sessions is always welcomed.
  • Every child has a learning journey folder, which we encourage children and parents to contribute to and look at regularly.
  • Our behaviour code reminds everyone about rules for safety and respect. We always work with parents to promote positive behaviour.
  • Every child has a key person. We aim to work in partnership with parents/carers and other professionals, to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

Parents… ‘speak highly of the approachability of staff and feel well informed about their children’s progress. They welcome opportunities to contribute to their children’s learning’.    Ofsted 2018

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Churchdown Parton Manor Pre-School is a welcoming and vibrant pre-school that looks to create children who are confident, creative and independent learners. We work hard to ensure children feel safe and secure and have an effective and motivated start to their educational life. 

We have 2 classes at Pre-School:

Pre-School 1

Full of our 2 year olds and younger 3 year olds, it’s a busy yet creative and productive room, full of fantastic learning and entertainment. We aim to get children excited by learning through music, dancing, arts and crafts and getting outdoors! With a focus on the characteristics of effective learning, the children take on the skills of how to learn and play with their friends.

Pre-School 2

Bursting to the brim with learning and fun experiences is our 3 and 4 year olds’ room. There is lots to be done in Pre-School 2 and plenty of learning to squeeze into a busy year ready for that move to ‘big school’. The children are learning to be sociable and confident, how to communicate with others and become individual and independent little humans. Alongside the important academic topics such as Maths and English, we like to explore the community and the natural world as much as possible. 

Children’s Centre

The Children’s Centre is a base for health services in the community with development checks, midwife drop in and a weekly baby hub.

Please call in for our latest timetable and see our policies below.

Section 1: Policy for Pre-School

Section 2: Pre-School Admissions and Safeguarding

Section 3: Health and Safety

Section 4: Health and Well-Being