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Our Music Curriculum

At CPMSF, we endeavour to cultivate a real enjoyment of music and aim to deliver high quality music teaching, supporting and encouraging all children to achieve their full potential.  

 We believe that music is a unique form of communication and is an integral part of our culture. It provides an important medium to help children understand themselves, relate to others and the wider world. 

 At CPMSF, we foster positive ‘can-do’ attitudes and believe all children can achieve in  Music and teach for secure understanding of music knowledge and skills.  

 In Music we aim for all pupils to:  

  •  enjoy and appreciate a wide variety of musical styles from different times and cultures. 
  • explore how sounds are made, and how music is produced by a variety of instruments.  
  • develop imagination, creativity and musical expression. 
  • build a sense of pulse and rhythm.  
  • understand and use a range of musical vocabulary.  
  • develop the interrelated skills of composition, improvisation, performance and appreciation. 
  • learn to sing and perform with confidence and enjoyment.