Gem Power

Our strong ethos of a positive mindset underpins everything we do. It is a core belief of the Federation that children need to feel happy and secure to value mistakes and to take risks in their learning. Our passion to encourage a growth mindset is at the centre of what we want our young citizens to achieve and our Gem Powers support all that we do. 

At Churchdown Parton Manor Schools’ Federation we encourage our pupils to be considerate, act responsibly and demonstrate initiative and independence so that they have the skills they need to meet life’s demands and challenges. We aim to give each and every child the very best start in life to enable them to go on to be confident, successful and responsible adults.

This table shows what the gems are and how they improve our ability to learn.

Topaz power

Working in a team

·      Share ideas with a group

·      Take turns to listen and share

·      Make sure everyone in your group understands

Aquamarine power

Passion for learning

·      Take responsibility for your learning

·      Ask questions to find out more

Amethyst power

Partner work

·      Share ideas with a partner

·      Take turns to listen and share

·      Learn from your partner

Ruby power

Respect, Kindness

·      Show kindness and helpfulness to others

·      Try to understand how others might be feeling

·      Make someone else feel good by listening to them and smiling at them

Sapphire power

Concentration, Avoid the monster distraction

·      Continue with your learning even when there are distractions around you

Emerald power

Perseverance, Courage, Resilience

·      ‘Have a go’ even when you know you might make a mistake

·      Understand that mistakes help you learn

·      Stay calm when you are angry or upset

Diamond power


·      Try to solve your own problems before getting help

·      Try to think for yourself

·      Ask good questions to help you learn new things


Opal power



Positive Mental Attitude

·      Have a positive and enthusiastic approach to things

·      Try to do your best

We have a number of ways of promoting the development of Gem Power, as follows:

Gem reminders:

Classes may have a gem display so that pupils are reminded on a daily basis what the characteristics of each gem are and what gem they are working on each week. Sometimes teachers will set a personal target relating to the acquisition of a particular characteristic.

Gem Stickers 

Anyone who earns a gem sticker is awarded a small coloured sticker to represent the appropriate gem. This may be given out by any staff member.

Assembly focus

Our assembly themes are planned to support the development of each gem throughout the year, with a different focus for each term. 

In our Celebration Assemblies we celebrate people who have demonstrated the use of one or more gems in their learning and behaviour. One person from each class is nominated for an award; they all receive a certificate and a winner is chosen to take a gem back to his / her class for the week.

Junior school – ‘Keepers of the Gems’

The responsibility for developing and maintaining Diamond Power lies with everyone as it is the basis for all the other ‘powers’. Each house team is the ‘keeper’ of one of the remaining gems, responsible for monitoring how well it is developing throughout the school:

  • Chosen (purple) – amethyst
  • Crickley (blue) – sapphire
  • Birdlip (yellow) – topaz
  • Robinswood (red) – ruby
  • Coopers (green) – emerald